Events At Our Center

In addition to Field Days at other Centers, a variety of events take place throughout the year at the West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center. Below is a schedule of bigger events, and we invite you to participate! Links to more details are included as additional information becomes available.
Photo by Tyson Raper

2022 Cotton Tour

Wednesday, September 21

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

2022 Fall Plant Sale

Thursday (Oct. 6) and Friday (Oct. 7)

Details to be announced

Summer Celebration is a re-occurring event that occurs on the second Thursday of July. The next Summer Celebration will be held July 13, 2023, after which this event will occur on odd years (2025, 2027, 2029, etc.).

More Information

Spring Plant Sale

Friday (May 5) and Saturday (May 6)

Details to be announced