West Tennessee Landscape Review 2020

The West TN Landscape Review is going VIRTUAL for 2020!

In an effort to support our local green industry professionals, we are providing educational programs that will help you maintain your pesticide applicator certifications. In total, 5 programs are offered in varying areas of interest. We hope this delivery method will help our local green industry businesses and their employees to stay up-to-date and within regulation for 2020-2021.

Training Notes:

Tennessee Pesticide Recertification Points

CategoriesTotal pts
03, 10, & 125

1 point in C03, C10 & C12 for ALL videos.
1 point in C01 for Turf Pests & Diseases
1 point in C02 for Pests & Diseases of Oak.

3 Simple Steps

1.      Watch Video

Take note of the Passcode displayed at the end of presentations. It is unique to each presentation and required to initiate the quiz.

2.      Take Quiz

Enter ALL contact information including TDA Certification #.  The accuracy of this information is paramount for proper points assignment. The Quiz link is located just above each video on this page.

A passing score of 70 or above is required for TDA to award the credit

3.      Monitor Point Accumulation

We will turn in acquired credits at the end of each month to TDA.  You can monitor your points at https://agriculture.tn.gov/default.asp

Training Videos:

Select a tab from the list below to watch the video. The quiz link is located just above the video.
If you prefer, you may watch as a playlist on YouTube but you will need to return to this page to take the quiz.

Dr. Frank Hale, UT Extension Entomology Specialist, virtually presents updates of ornamental insect pests and recommended controls.

Quiz: https://ornamentalpestcontrol.questionpro.com

Dr. Alan Windham, UT Extension Pathology Specialist, virtually presents a focus on pests and diseases of oak trees and recommended controls.

Quiz: https://ornamentaldiseaseupdate.questionpro.com

Celeste Scott, UT Extension Horticulture Agent-Madison County, presents virtually on problematic turf weeds, their identification, and control options.

Quiz: https://toughturfweeds.questionpro.com

Carol Reese, UT Extension Horticulture Specialist, virtually presents on common landscape plants frequently attacked by pests and suggests appropriate replacements.

Quiz: https://peskybutpretty.questionpro.com

Carol Reese, UT Extension Horticulture Specialist, virtually presents a program on when pesticide applications are appropriate and when they are not.  Properly identifying cause of injury, proper treatment timing, and presence of potential benefits are all factors that should be weighed in the decision making process.

Quiz: https://totreatornottotreat.questionpro.com